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FS Update 16.06.17

Reception Class Weekly Newsletter ~ 9th June

Words of the week: larva, female, male, antennae

Personal, Social and Emotional development-We have been talking about teamwork again this week and how we can work as part of a team. This links in really well with our art week work next week, the children will be working in pairs and this will be someone that they don’t usually work with. We have been talking about why it is important to work with other people and why we need to listen to and value their ideas and opinions.

Communication and Language- This week we have had some great conversations about why the people in our lives are important to us, this links to Fathers day. We have tried to think of all the things that the important people in our lives do for us and how we can show that we appreciate them. Our words of the week have also prompted some great conversations and the children have continued to impress me with their knowledge of new words and the fact that they are beginning to use them in their sentences.

Physical development-This week we have been practising for sports day again and enjoying parachute games. The children have also been practising their fine motor skills by cutting out things for their Fathers day cards and making ladybirds.

Literacy-In our literacy sessions this week we have continued to talk about the features of fiction and non-fiction texts. The children are getting really good at identifying both types of text. We have also been thinking of words to describe the bad tempered ladybird and thinking about which ladybird we would like to be friends with. In writing this week we have been trying to use all the sounds that we know and have tried really hard to make sure our letters are formed correctly. We have also talked about writing cards and why we write them.

Maths- This week we have been exploring time and in particular sequencing key events in our day. We have talked about how many days there are in a week, how many months in a year and the four different seasons. The children made clocks to show what times key things happen in our school day. This links with our story this week and the different times explored by the ladybird.

Expressive art and design-We have been making our own Fathers day cards this week and have been busy cutting, sticking and getting messy painting. Towards the end of the week we have started our work for art week, thank you for the kind donations of shoe boxes. Our topic for art week is the Great Barrier Reef and we will be working in pairs to make our own underwater scenes. Next week we will be getting very creative and can’t wait for you to see our finished products which will be on display in the hall on Friday.

Understanding the World-The children have enjoyed learning about the lifecycle of a ladybird this week and have started to use the correct words to describe the different stages of the lifecycle. We have also enjoyed checking on the stick insects daily and have been keen to find out lots of new facts about them.


Sun safety-Please could you make sure your child has a water bottle in school every day. As the weather is getting warmer (hopefully!) please could you make sure your child has a sunhat and sun cream in school. Sun cream should be named and we will remind the children to apply it on hot days. We are not allowed to apply it for them and do not supply sun cream, your child must bring in their own sun cream, it cannot be shared.

Outdoor area-
Can I remind you that the outdoor area is not to be used before or after school by children and younger/older siblings and relatives. Thank you for remembering this.

P.E kits – We have noticed that there are quite a few children who do not have a P.E kit in school and this is preventing them from being able to fully take part in our P.E lessons. P.E is a vital part of our curriculum and all children need a P.E kit in school at all times.


· Saturday 24th June- Whole school maintenance morning 9.30-11.30. It would be great to see lots of you there to help us clean the foundation stage garden and wider school grounds.

· Wednesday 28th June- Whole school story quest event 6-7pm. It would be great to see lots of you there, please see the whole school newsletter for more information.

· Friday 7th July- Transfer morning. Reception pupils will spend the morning in year 1.

· Saturday 8th July- School Fete

· Week beginning 10th July- Reports sent home to parents

· Tuesday 18th July-Sports day and family picnic

· Friday 21st July- End of term, school finishes at 1.15pm.

Next week

Art week

Text: Rainbow Fish