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FS Update 15.04.16

Foundation stage Newsletter Term 5 and weekly update - 15th April 2016

Welcome back. I hope you all had an enjoyable Easter break and that you are all feeling refreshed and ready for another exciting term ahead. It was fantastic to see the children on Tuesday and they all settled quickly and were as always enthusiastic about our learning. This week’s letter is a little shorter than usual and is mainly about our topic this term and key dates that you need to know. 

Communication and Language
On Tuesday we had some great discussions with partners and as a whole class about our Easter holiday news. The children were set the task of coming up with two sentences to describe their Easter holiday and I have to say I was incredibly impressed with their vocabulary as well as their confidence when speaking to an audience. 

Personal, Social and Emotional development
We have enjoyed being together as a class again this week and the children have begun to think about how we can demonstrate our value of the term, teamwork. We will be talking about what a team is, the importance of working as a team and what we can do to help others in our team. 

Physical development
During our PE session today, we practised our dance moves whilst warming up thinking about how we can link each movement and show both skill and co-ordination. This is in preparation for our May Day dancing. During the rest of the session we worked in teams to compete in various different games. 

This week we have been focussing on our knowledge of numbers and ensuring that we have one to one correspondence. It is fantastic to see the children becoming more confident with numbers and up for a challenge. 

In phonics this week we have been revising all the sounds that we know and have spent time practising writing some of the letters that we find a bit tricky. Our writing focus this week has been our holiday news. The children all worked incredibly hard I was really impressed with the writing they produced.

Understanding the World
The children have enjoyed exploring our new lightbox this week and have been engaging in some great discussions about light as well as understanding why it is important to turn the lightbox off when we are not using it. 

Expressive art and design
We have had a fantastic time being ‘graffiti artists’ outside this week. The children have been using chalk to create their own masterpieces on the ground. 

This term our topic is ‘changes’ and we will be exploring how we have changed since we were little and  all the things that we can do now that we couldn’t do when we were babies. We will also be exploring floating and sinking, talking about light and dark. Please keep an eye on our weekly newsletter for more information about our weekly focus. 

Baby photos-please could you bring in a named photo of your child as a baby. Ideally we need these by Monday at the latest.

Phonics homework- this week we have been revising all the sounds that we know and therefore there will be no phonics homework sent home today. Please continue to support your child with writing and reading their phonic sounds. 

Topic web-please make sure you have received a copy of our plan for this term. 

WOW leaves- New leaves will be sent home next week.