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FS Update 15.01.16

Foundation Stage Weekly update 15th January 2016

Words of the week: goal, aspiration

We have had a fantastic week this week. I have been so impressed with how well the children have demonstrated independence and responsibility around the school. They are all keen to help with jobs around the classroom and have even helped to set up the activities for the afternoon. We have now started our daily afternoon literacy groups and the children have worked incredibly hard on all the tasks that they have had to complete this week, both with an adult and independently. I think they are a class of superstar learners. Today, they were rewarded for their fantastic behaviour and attitude with ten minutes of superstar time.

Communication and Language
We have had great fun this week exploring different parts of the world and discussing the relatives and friends that we have living around the world. Thank you for helping your child with their talk homework and providing them with lots of information to share with the class. We still need parents to come and talk to the children about different parts of the world that they have lived in or visited.

Personal, social and emotional development
This week we have been talking about going for goals and things that we would like to get better at. The children have all set themselves a goal and we have been talking about ways that we can achieve these goals. We have also been thinking about how we can work as a team to help and support each other. Using other people’s strengths to help us achieve our goals.

Physical development
This week we have enjoyed visiting the Arctic with our buddies, exploring the different animals and the way that they move. In our PE session we enjoyed parachute games, pretending that the parachute was an igloo and sitting inside. Our fine motor control is also improving and we have spent lots of time practising writing our names and forming our letters correctly.

We have been exploring numbers this week and in particular one more than a number. We have used number lines to correctly identify the number that is one more than a given number. I have really noticed how much more confident the children are with counting beyond 20.

This week we have been looking at the differences between fiction and non-fiction books. The children are beginning to correctly identify a book based on the cover and whether it has features of a fiction or non-fiction book. We have also been writing the goals that we set ourselves on footballs as part of our going for goals display.

Expressive art and design
We have enjoyed singing lots of songs from around the world this week. If you have any songs that we could teach the children then please let me know. The children have also been busy this week using their busy books to create pictures. I am really impressed with the time and attention to detail that the children are paying to their work.

Understanding the World
Our topic this term is great for developing our understanding of the world. We have had some great discussions about the different animals that we might find if we visited the Arctic. Next week we will be making our own weather books and becoming weather forecasters.

Thank you for all the milk cartons, we still need lots more so please keep them coming.

Phonics keyrings
Please remember to return your child’s phonics keyring by Thursday each week.

Just a reminder that your child needs their PE kit in school all week. We have noticed that quite a few children were missing their PE kit both this week and last.

Next week
The Arctic
Phonics: z, th
Maths: One more

Thank you for your continued support.
Rebecca Honey