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FS Update 14.10.16

Foundation Stage Weekly Update - 14th October 2016

Words of the week: glorious, squawked

Personal, Social and Emotional development We have continued to think about our whole school value this week and how we can demonstrate that we are responsible learners. The children have shared some great ideas and we are now putting these into practise.

Communication and Language We have had some fantastic conversations this week about our word wall and the traffic lights that we use to help us understand the meaning of words. We came across lots of words in our story this week and we decided to put them up on the wall and discuss what we thought they meant.

Physical development
In our P.E sessions we have been building on our newly acquired ball skills and this week we practised our dribbling skills. We had to dribble balls to one another and in and out of cones and then work in a group to pass the ball to one another. It is great to see the children beginning to work as a team and

Literacy We have enjoyed learning about the story ‘Stone soup’ this week and have been inspired to write our own shopping lists in preparation for making our soup yesterday. We have also talked about what a recipe is and what we might include in our own recipe for stone soup.

Maths This week we have continued to learn about shapes in the environment and have been using the correct mathematical language to describe the properties of 2D shapes. We have been describing shapes and asking others to guess what they are.

Expressive art and design This week we have enjoyed creating our own models using different construction equipment. On Thursday the children all decided to build a ‘fire’ so that we could eat our soup around the fire. They all worked together to collect leaves and sticks to make their fire.

Understanding the World This week we have enjoyed making our own stone soup and talking about the importance of washing our hands and ensuring that we are careful when we are cooking. It was great to see the children so enthusiastic about the vegetables that they brought in. We talked about where different vegetables are grown and how to use knives safely when cutting.

Outside area Please can I remind you that the Foundation Stage garden is not for children and younger siblings to play in before and after school. 

Weekend Challenge

This week we have made our own soup and talked about what a recipe is. 

See if you can use a recipe to do some cooking at home with a grown up.

Thank you to everyone who brought in vegetables for stone soup. We had a great time cutting up the vegetables, talking about the story and then cooking and eating our soup.

Phonics From next week we will be learning two sounds a week and your child will be bringing home their phonics letter writing to do at home. Please could you support them and remind them that we only use a pencil for writing. All completed homework should be returned by the following Thursday.

There will be a parent workshop for Foundation Stage parents on Tuesday 8th November at 2.30pm. The main focus will be on the teaching of phonics.

Next week

Phonics We will be learning two new sounds ‘m’ and ‘a’. Please bring in something beginning with those sounds for the sound table. Phonics homework will then be sent home on Thursday.

Next Friday is an inset day and there is no school. Term two starts of Monday 31st October.