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FS Update 13.11.2015

Foundation Stage update 13th November 2015

Words of the week: Remembrance and pattern 

Communication and Language
This week we have started to learn how to tell the story of the Little Red Hen. We will be continuing our work with the story next week, making our own story maps and acting out the story. We have also had lots of engaging discussions around Remembrance Day and the children had lots of great ideas to contribute to our discussions. Thank you to everyone who completed our talk homework, it is always great to hear the children’s ideas. This will continue to be a weekly piece of homework.

Personal, Social and Emotional development
This week we have been remembering important people in our lives and thinking about why they are special to us. This linked to our value of remembrance and we have been talking about

Physical development
We have been busy building on our fine motor control this week, using stones to grind wheat and writing our letters in sand as well as with big bingo pens. In our P.E session we experimented with different ways of moving, whilst listening to different instructions, in our warm up. In our main P.E session we have been building on our ball control, rolling, passing and catching with a partner.

Our phonics sessions have focused on the sounds ‘i’ and ‘n’ and the children are getting really good at recalling all the previous sounds we have learnt. We are now beginning to use the sounds we know to make, read and write simple words.

We have been exploring repeating patterns this week. In our class sessions we have been predicting what comes next in a repeating two or three colour or shape pattern. In their child initiated learning we have observed the children making their own patterns using the peg boards and different coloured objects, it is great to see the children using their learning in their play. Towards the end of the week we have also been making our own printed patterns using fruit.

Understanding the World
Our main focus this week has been remembrance and why we think it is important to remember people who have been to war. On Wednesday we joined the rest of the school in the hall to watch the two minute silence live on the big screen. I was really impressed with how well behaved and respectful the children were. We have also been talking about Diwali and we made Diwali cards with our buddies on Thursday.

Expressive art and design
We have been busy creating our own printed poppy pictures for Remembrance Day, these will be on display in the school hall soon. In their Wednesday afternoon sessions with Mrs Bruce, the children have started to learn the songs for our Christmas play. Watch this space!

Parents’ Evening
Thank you for coming to parents’ evening, I hope it helped you to gain more of an insight into your child’s first term at school.

Phonics key rings
As I mentioned at parents’ evening I will be sending home phonics keyrings for all the children. Unfortunately, they are not ready yet, we are hoping to send them home with your child next week.

Next week

Little Red Hen-We will be making our own bread.
Phonics: g. o
Maths: Pattern

Talk homework

Over the weekend please discuss this as a family. We will spend time discussing it as a class on Monday. 

This week’s talk homework is linked to the children in need dress as your super hero day. 

Who is your hero? Why?