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FS Update 13.01.17

Foundation Stage Weekly Update ~ 13th January

Communication and Language-We have had some great conversations this week about our story ‘Titch’ and what is happening in the story.  It is also great to see the children engaging in more conversations with their friends about what we are learning in class and sharing ideas to extend their learning. 

Physical development- In our gymnastics session this week we enjoyed experimenting with different ways of moving. The children started by making their bodies into the shapes of different letters of the alphabet.  Outside we have been trying to think of different ways to move so that we can keep warm. 

Personal, Social and Emotional development-This week we have continued to think about ways that we can demonstrate our determination. The children have been talking about persevering with an activity even when it is hard and they think they cannot do it, this shows that they are developing great growth mindsets. Thank you to everyone who has already returned their child’s WOW leaf for this term, it is great to see that so many of them are to do with determination. 

Maths- In our maths lessons this week we have been exploring weight and measure. We started the week by talking about everything that we already know about weight and measure. As the week has progressed we have used scales to compare and weigh different objects. 

Literacy-This week we have been writing letters to ‘Titch’ to tell him about all the things that we have measured. On Wednesday we received a letter from Titch asking for our help and the children had to write a reply to him. In our phonics lessons we have learnt a new sound each day and have now finished the set 1 speed sounds. Please continue to help your child with their set 1 sounds (all the sounds that we have previously sent home). Next week we will be moving onto the set 2 sounds and the homework will look slightly different. 

Expressive art and design-We have looked at the work of Kandinsky this week and talked about the colours and shapes in his concentric circles painting. Next week we will be creating our own Kandinsky inspired pieces of art. 

Understanding the World-This week we have been talking about the weather lots and have even had a go at predicting  our own weather reports. The children were obviously very excited about the possible snow yesterday and we talked about how we could use the internet to check the weather for Garsington. 

Homework- Now that the children are split for phonics there might be weeks where the homework sent home is different for the two groups. 

Next week

Phonics: ‘ay’, ‘ee’, ‘igh’, ‘ow’ and ‘oo’

If you haven’t already then please look at the phonics page on our class page of the website. 

Class sharing assembly on Friday at 2.30pm.  

Thank you for your continued support

Rebecca Honey