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FS Update 13.05.16

Foundation Stage Update 13th May 2016 

Words of the week: shocked, narrow 
Communication and Language
This week we have worked with our talk partners to engage in discussions about how we have changed since we were babies. We have been comparing all the things that we can do now we are four and five that we couldn’t do as babies. The children have been reflecting upon all the things that they have achieved since they were born. We have also been talking about what a question is and have worked with a partner to think of questions to ask about babies and toddlers.

Personal, social and emotional development
We have continued to think about how we can work as a team this week. Particularly in relation to the whole class being a team and working together to help each other. I have seen some great examples of teamwork this week, children playing together outside and helping each other across the climbing equipment, working together to build a maze and helping one another with jobs around the classroom.

Physical development
This week we have continued to learn our May Day dance, thinking about keeping a rhythm and linking our movements. Outside the children have continued to enjoy the obstacle course and have been really perfecting their balancing and climbing skills.

I have been really impressed with the writing the children have produced this week, they have been thinking carefully about sounding out each word, using finger spaces and capital letters and full stops where appropriate. Please continue to support your child with their writing at home.

We have been learning about money this week and we started by sharing everything that we already know about money, the children already have some great knowledge of money and why we need it. Towards the end of the week we have started to look at coins and have been identifying their value. Next week we will be using coins to pay for objects in our pretend shop. It would be really helpful if you could allow your child to explore different coins this weekend. This could be letting them pay for objects using 1p and 2p coins or playing pretend shops and getting them to identify the price of an object and then counting out the correct coins to pay for it.

Expressive art and design
This week we have enjoyed acting out the story of ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’. We have been using actions to help us with telling the story and using expression when taking on a role. The children have also been using their imagination outside to create models, it was great to see lots of them working together to build their own maze using the construction materials and then exploring it.

Understanding the World
We have continued to think about ourselves this week and how we develop and change from babies to four and five year olds. It has been brilliant to hear the children reflect upon how they change as they grow up. We have even thought about how we have changed since we first started school in September.

In your child’s homework folder you will find an additional piece of homework. We would like to make our class page on the school website more child friendly and would like to include some pictures. We have decided to make it into a bit of a competition and ask each child to draw a picture in colour of Mr Willbery, Miss Honey and Mrs England. The winning pictures will then appear on our class page of the school website. Please could this be completed by Tuesday next week. Remember to write your child’s name on their piece of paper.

Guess the baby
Well done to everyone who played guess the baby with their child. It was very close but the winners are Millie and her Mum, who correctly identified all 33 baby photos.

Thank you to Maisy Pilley’s Mum for bringing in Violet to see the class. It was great for the children to be able to have the opportunity to ask questions and think about how they themselves have changed since they were babies and toddlers. Thank you also to Violet for being a real superstar!

Bottle tops
Please can you donate any bottle tops, we would like to use them for an art project. 

Warmer weather
Just a reminder that children will need a water bottle, sun hat and sun cream if the warm weather continues.

Next week
Text: Rumble in the jungle
Maths: Money
Phonics: ee, ea

Dates for your diary
Thursday 26th May- Great Garsington Bake Off
Friday 27th May- May Day (please see the letter sent home for more information)

Thank you for your continued support
Rebecca Honey

Over the weekend please have this family discussion- we will be discussing this as a class on Monday morning. 

Describe your favourite meal.