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FS Update 11.09.15

Wow what a fantastic first full week we have had! I have really enjoyed getting to know the children and am impressed with how well they have settled into being at school. The main aim of this weekly class update is to give you an overview of our learning for that week, in all areas of the Curriculum, and also to let you know of what we are planning the following week. Please continue to check the parent noticeboard on the window as well as the whiteboard in the cloakroom area for updates as well.

Personal, Social and Emotional development
This week we have been looking at the story ‘Have you filled a bucket today?’ and thinking about ways in which we can become a class of bucket fillers. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the story it talks about everyone having invisible buckets and people being bucket fillers by doing kind and caring things. It also discusses bucket dippers and these are people who have empty buckets because they say unkind things to others and hurt people’s feelings. The main principles of this story will form lots of our circle time for this term and will be something that we reflect upon throughout the year.

Physical development
We have been exploring different ways to move and in our hall session on Friday we were animals of the world. This involved us experimenting with different animal movements such as hopping, slithering and walking tall.

Communication and Language
Our main focus this week has been getting to know everyone by talking to each other and sharing our news from home with a small group. Every Monday we will be sharing our weekend news with a small group. If your child would like to bring in a picture of something that they saw or did at the weekend then that would be great too. The children were fantastic at sharing their ideas during circle time and we have been focusing on fine tuning our listening skills. We then went on a sound walk on Thursday and recorded all the things we could hear.

This week has been all about counting, we have been counting each other, counting how many people would like milk, who is having hot dinners and much more. At group time we have been singing lots of numbers songs which involve counting forwards and backwards.


We have been recognising and writing our names this week, it would be great if you could support your child to do this at home. We have also been writing our own shopping lists. During their independent learning the children have enjoyed doing lots of mark making and we are now focusing on ascribing meaning to our marks.

Understanding the World
Thank you for bringing in your family photos, we have used these to talk about our families and the important people in our lives. These photos will now go on display in the classroom for the children to look at. The children have also spent a lot of time becoming familiar with our school environment this week and have demonstrated great care in looking after the things in our classroom and outside area.

Expressive art and design
This week we have been artists, painting self-portraits to go on display in our classroom. The children spent lots of time looking at themselves in the mirror in order to get their pictures perfect. Do see if you can spot your child up on the wall.

WOW leaves were sent home in book bags on Monday. It would fantastic if every child could have a wow by the end of this month. A wow could be learning to ride a bike, getting dressed independently or your child learning to write their name. If you have any questions please let me know.

Next week
Maths- Number and colour
Outside role play-Police
Our Literacy focus will be nursery rhymes.
P.E kits need to be in school by Monday and should stay in school all week.
If you haven’t sent in a family photo please could you do so by Monday.

Thank you very much for your continued support.
Rebecca Honey