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FS Update 18.03.2016

Foundation Stage Weekly Update 18th March 2016

Words of the week: incubator, hatching, lifecycle
It has been another exciting week in Foundation Stage with our living eggs arriving on Monday and our trip to the story museum yesterday. Do go and have a look at the chicks which are in the shared area.

Communication and Language
This week we have had some fantastic conversations about the living eggs and have learnt lots of new words. The children identified lots of new words that they are beginning to use in conversation. Please do ask your child to tell you about some of the new words that they have learnt. 

Personal, Social and Emotional development
We have continued to talk about our value of the term responsibility and how we can demonstrate this around school. The children have also been talking about the importance of being kind and caring to the chicks.

Physical development
We have been exploring our outside area lots this week and have been enjoying the sunshine, racing with each other in fast and slow races like the hare and the tortoise and practising our ball skills. Our fine motor control is also improving and the children are getting much better at holding their pencil and forming letters correctly. Please continue to support your child in writing their name and practising their letter formation.

This week we have been adding two numbers together to find a total. Our counting is really coming on and we are beginning to identify correctly what one less than a number is when we count how many children are in class each day. The children have also been using the unifix cubes to measure different objects, including the length of the classroom. It is great to see the children independently building on skills that we have been practising in class.

We have been talking about fiction and non-fiction books this week and how we can identify them correctly. In our whole class sessions we have been using non-fiction books to research facts about chickens. In our phonics sessions we have been playing bingo and reading words containing our sounds of the week. In our small groups we have been re-telling the story of the Hare and the Tortoise.

Understanding the World
The children have enjoyed observing the chicks this week and have been spending lots of time eagerly awaiting their arrival. Each day we have been completing our chick diaries and closely noting any changes in them. We have had some fantastic conversations about the lifecycle of a chicken.

Expressive art and design
During their free time the children have continued to use pastels to draw pictures of daffodils. The children have also enjoyed drawing pictures of the living eggs and closely observing the hatching eggs. Using our chick diaries we have been thinking about the colours that we might use to draw certain parts of the eggs.

Easter hat parade
We will be making our Easter hats on Monday and Tuesday in preparation for the Easter hat parade in school on Thursday morning. We will make the hats in school but it would be great if your child can bring in some items to decorate their hat. This could be feathers, small chicks, ribbon or anything Easter themed that they would like. Please send these items in in a named bag for your child. All children will use their own items but we will provide them with some ribbon, feathers and the card to make the hat.

We had a fantastic trip to the story museum yesterday, the children really enjoyed exploring the different rooms, sitting on the very big bed and listening to stories and dressing up as different characters. The children were so engaged and were a real credit to the school, the staff commented on how well behaved the whole class were. A big thank you to Ed’s Mum and Mason’s Mum for coming to help.

Next week
Phonics: oo, or
The Easter story.
Just a reminder that school finishes at 1.15pm next Thursday.

Thank you for your continued support.
Rebecca Honey

Talk Homework

Over the weekend please have this family discussion. We will be discussing this as a class on Monday morning.

Find out as many facts as you can about Chickens. If you had a chick what would you call it?