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FS Update 11.03.16

Foundation Stage update 11th March 2016 

Words of the week: boastful, measure 
Communication and Language
The children have been learning to tell the story of the Hare and the Tortoise this week and have been using the actions that we have created to help us remember the story. I have been really impressed with the children’s vocabulary when talking about the story, they have remembered words like boastful and have been using it to describe the hare. We have also spent lots of time thinking about questions and what a question is. In particular questions that we would like to ask the different characters in the story.

Personal, social and emotional development
We have taken inspiration from the story of the Hare and the Tortoise this week and have been talking about how different the two characters are and which one we would like to be friends with. We have had some interesting discussions about the traits that we admire in each animal. Whilst working this week we have all tried to be like the tortoise and remember that we shouldn’t give up on our goals, however hard it might be to achieve them.

Physical developmet
In our P.E session we have been thinking about different ways to move, linked to the hare and the tortoise. We experimented with fast and slow movements and enjoyed taking part in some races of our own, pretending to be the hare and the tortoise.

We have been learning how to correctly sequence the story of the Hare and the Tortoise this week, thinking carefully about the main parts of the story and what comes next. In our phonics sessions we have been reading words that contain our two sounds of the week, ‘ow’ and ‘ou’. I am really impressed with the children’s continuing phonics knowledge. Please continue to support your child with both their developing writing and reading skills at home.

In our maths sessions this week we have been experimenting with measure and have been estimating the different sizes of objects and then using equipment to check our estimations. It has been great to see the children using mathematical language to talk about the different sizes of objects.

Expressive art and design
This week we have been carrying out our own observational drawings. On Wednesday we enjoyed drawing pictures of the tortoise, thinking carefully about his shape, features and the colours that we would need to use. Towards the end of the week we have been drawing pictures of daffodils and used pastels to create light and dark. In their session with Mrs Bruce the children learnt a Scottish dance and a new happy song.

Understanding the World
We have been learning about both the hare and the tortoise this week and the children came up with some fantastic questions to ask when the tortoise came in to visit. We have been talking about where tortoise’s live and what they eat, drink and how they live.

Class trip
Just a reminder that we will be going to the story museum on Thursday. All children will need a packed lunch and should wear school uniform. We will return in time for the end of the school day. We are still waiting for quite a few permission slips and contributions to be paid.

Sport relief
Next Friday is sport relief and all children can pay £1 to come to school wearing sporty clothes or something red.

Next week
Phonics: oo (zoo )and ar (start)
Red words: you
Our living eggs will be arriving on Monday, so we will be watching them closely and waiting for them to hatch.

Thank you for your continued support.
Rebecca Honey
Talk Homework

Over the weekend please have this family discussion- all classes will be discussing this on Monday morning. 

Tell your family the story of the Hare and the Tortoise. If you could be friends with one of the characters who would it be any why?