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FS Update 10.06.16

Foundation Stage Weekly Update - 10th June 2016

Words of the week: dehydrated, enthusiasm
Firstly, welcome back to another busy but exciting final term. Please keep an eye on the class noticeboard and our weekly newsletter for updates. Please make sure you have a copy of our topic web for this term.

Personal, Social and Emotional development
We have started to think about what our value of the term ‘enthusiasm’ means and how we can demonstrate that we are a class of enthusiastic learners. As we are in our final term in FS, Ms d’Archambaud set us our first class challenge this week; to show that we are enthusiastic learners. As a class we have thought about how we can demonstrate enthusiasm both in school and at home in order to achieve this challenge. Each week we will be set a new challenge, along with the rest of the school and these will link to our whole school value.

Communication and Language
The children came back bursting with their exciting holiday news and were keen to share this with the class. This week we have had some fantastic discussions about how the Rainbow fish felt in the story and why it is important to have friends and look after them. The children have really impressed me with their understanding and ability to explain their ideas.

Physical development
Our P.E sessions this term will focus on sports day practise, we will be running, hopping, skipping and generally racing in order to earn points for our team. In our phonics lessons we have been ensuring that our letter formation is correct.

In our maths sessions this week we have been practising our number bonds to 10. We have used numicon and various counting objects to help us visualise our number bonds. It would be really helpful if you could support your child with this at home as well.

In our phonics sessions we have been reading and identifying real and alien words as well as unscrambling silly sentences. We have also been writing instructions on how to plant seeds, thinking about all the information someone would need in order to plant their own sunflower seed. The children then started their own sunflower diaries and will be completing these over the next week, carefully recording any changes.

Understanding the World
This week we have planted our very own sunflower seeds and have been discussing the things that plants need to grow and stay alive. The children really impressed me with their knowledge of plants and are demonstrating responsibility towards the seeds.

Expressive art and design
Using the story ‘Rainbow fish’ as our inspiration we have each created our very own rainbow fish using a new technique. These will take quite a while to dry but once they have we will put them on display in the classroom for you all to admire.

Bottle tops
Thank you for all the bottle tops, please keep them coming as we still need lots more for our art project.

We have been talking a out the importance of keeping ourselves safe when the weather is hot this week. Please make sure your child has a water bottle and sun hat in school at all times.

Next week
Rainbow fish and the Fish who could wish
Maths: Number bonds
Phonics: Revise all sounds and letter formation

Monday 20th June- Art week
Saturday 25th June- Garsington school Fair 2-5pm
Monday 11th July- Health and Safety week
Tuesday 12th July- Sports day (morning)
Wednesday 20th July- End of term. School finishes at 1.15pm

Over the weekend please have this family discussion- we will be discussing this as a class on Monday morning.

If you were the Rainbow fish would you share your shiny scales with the other fish?