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FS Update 10.02.2017

Foundation stage Weekly update ~ 10th February 2017
We have had a great last week of term this week and it has been great to see how much the children have demonstrated their determination for learning. We have enjoyed playing phonics games and learning about one more and one less in maths. We are also continuing to develop our independence and are getting better at getting ourselves changed for PE.

The newsletter this week is slightly shorter and contains key information for the end of this term and the start of next term.

Please check your child’s book bag for their homework this week. As we have completed our set 2 speed sounds, the homework is slightly different. We will continue to send home phonics homework next term as well as the learning reflection and homework record. In addition to this, some children have reading books for the holidays and others have their name to practise writing. Please check your child’s book bag for more information. Apologies, the big talk homework should say ‘If you could live on any planet which would it be and why?’. If you have any questions about the homework then please come and see me. 

Can I just remind you about the things that we are working on in Literacy:

· Ensuring we can write our name clearly so that other people can read it.

· Forming all letters correctly.

· Hearing and writing the first sound in a word correctly.

· Writing more than one sound in a word correctly.

In maths we are concentrating on:

· Counting forwards and backwards.

· Counting and sorting objects.

· Counting objects that cannot be moved.

· Recognising one more and one less than a given number (initially to 10 and then 20 and beyond)

It would be really helpful if you could support your child in developing these skills at home.

Next term
The first week back is science week and we have lots of exciting things planned. Our focus will be space and we will be reading the story ‘Whatever next’. Please return permission slips for the explore dome. Please see the whole school newsletter for more information on events that are planned that week. If you have any books or information that your child would like to bring in then please do so.

WOW leaves
- we shared the WOW leaves from this term and celebrated the children’s achievements. New WOW leaves for next term will be sent home during the first week of term.

Baby photos-- At the start of next term we will be looking at how we have changed since we were babies. Please could every child bring in a named photo of them as a baby for our display.

Water bottles-Can I just remind you that your child should have water in their water bottle. We have noticed that quite a few children are bringing squash in and as our school policy states; only water is allowed in water bottles.

Website- Just to remind you to check the school website for information about phonics. The handouts from our phonics meeting during term 2 are on our class page.

Have a lovely week next week and we look forward to seeing you on Monday 20th February

Thank you for your continued support.

Rebecca Honey