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FS Update 09.10.2015

Foundation Stage Update 9th October 2015

Communication, Language and Literacy

We have had a great week learning about the story ‘Stone Soup.’ The children have really impressed me with their understanding of the story and their ability to re-tell it, we are becoming a class of great storytellers. We have had some great discussions about whether the stone or the vegetables gave the soup its flavour, do ask your child what they think. On Wednesday the children wrote stone soup shopping lists so that we could make sure we had everything that we needed to make our soup. During our news sessions we have been thinking about showing awareness for our audience when we are talking. The children had some fantastic weekend news, don’t forget that you can send in pictures or objects linked to weekend news.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development
This week we have been thinking about ways that we can show care and concern for others. We have also been discussing Harvest Festival and why it is important to think about others and share with them. In the spirit of sharing, on Thursday we invited our year three buddies down to share our stone soup and enjoyed telling them about Harvest and the story of Stone Soup.

Physical Development

We have been developing our fine motor control during our dough disco session and next week we will be creating our own dough disco moves. Whilst making vegetable soup we also practised using a knife to cut safely, the children did a great job at cutting the vegetables into small chunks for the soup. In our P.E session we have continued to develop our ball control, throwing and catching a ball with a partner.

In maths we have been exploring 2D shapes and describing their properties. We had a great maths session on Wednesday; the children worked with a talk partner and had to find different shapes around the classroom. We then went on a shape hunt around the school taking pictures of the different shapes that we found.

Expressive Art and Design
We have enjoyed singing our Harvest songs and exploring how we can change sounds using instruments. On Thursday the children also decided that we needed to build our own camp fire using leaves, we then sat around it to eat our soup and re-tell the story, using great expression.

Understanding the World

This week we have been thinking about Harvest and how we can show care for others. We have been talking about children in different parts of the world and why it is important to think about others.

Monday and Friday
Just to let you know that we will be having an open morning and afternoon next week. This is for prospective new parents, it doesn’t affect your children but I just thought you should be aware of it. Your children may well come home and tell you that we have had visitors in school.

Junk modelling
We really need junk modelling boxes, tubes, etc.

Just a reminder about our parent workshop on Wednesday at 2.30pm. This will be in the hall and will finish by the end of the school day.

Thank you for bringing in vegetables this week. We had great fun chopping them and making our own vegetable soup.

Next week
Focus: The Three Little Pigs
Outside: Builders yard

Are there any parents or relatives who are builders and would be willing to come in and talk to the children about the job that they do? Please let me know if you would be willing to come in.

m,a please bring in something beginning with one of these sounds for the sound table.

We will be learning two sounds each week and sending home phonics homework every Friday. We will talk about this at the workshop next week.

A plea!

Next week we will be creating our own mud kitchen. If anyone has an old/broken microwave that no longer works, we would really appreciate it. We also need any kind donations of wooden spoons, plastic or metal bowls, ice cube trays, cake tins, colanders or sieves

Thank you for your continued support
Rebecca Honey