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FS Update 06.05.2016

Foundation Stage Weekly Update 6th May 2016

Words of the week: mute, obstacle
Communication and Language

This week we have had some amazing discussions about how we have changed since we were babies. The children have been talking about what they know about babies and comparing that to what they know about themselves as four and five year olds. In our weekly news session we tried something a bit more complicated. We had to share our news with a partner and then join up with another pair of talk partners and share  our partners news with them. I was really impressed with how well the children took this on board and worked within their groups of four. As the year progresses it is great to see how much the children’s confidence has grown  and how their vocabulary is developing. 

Personal, Social an Emotional development-The children have continued to develop their teamwork this week and have been thinking about how we can support each other and help one another to become better at skills that we already have. Whilst playing on the apparatus outside the children have been demonstrating great teamwork, helping one another with taking turns, ensuring that it is safe for their friends before they crawl through or jump from a piece of apparatus.

Physical development

This week we have enjoyed developing our physical skills using our obstacle course outside. The children have been experimenting with different ways of moving under, over and through a variety of apparatus. In our PE session we have continued to think about ways in which we can link our movements in order to create a dance. We are really looking forward to showing you our May Day dance later this term.


This week we have made a start on putting together our own baby books, thinking about how we have changed since we were babies, the things that we are able to do now that we couldn’t do as a baby. The children have all been looking at photos of themselves as babies and then looking at themselves now and noting any physical changes as well as reflecting on the things that we have achieved since we were babies.


We have continued to develop our understanding of halving this week, thinking about how we can share objects between two people. Our number work continues to develop and it is fantastic to see the children using and applying concepts that we have previously covered, this shows just how far they have come. Please could you continue to support your child with recognising numbers and counting on and back from a given number.

Understanding the World

Our focus this week has been looking at how we have changed in the four or five years that we have been alive. We will continue to think about how we have changed since we were babies next week and all the things that we are able to do now that we couldn’t do as babies.

Expressive art and design

The children have enjoyed drawing pictures of themselves as babies and looking closely at their features. They have also enjoyed their music and movement session with Mrs Bruce.

A plea!

Are there any  parents with young babies or toddlers who would be willing to bring their child in and answer some questions that the class have. It would be fantastic if the children could see a younger child and have the opportunity to ask questions. It would only need to be for a very short session and could be at the end of the day or straightaway in the morning. Please let me know if you can help.

Guess the baby

This is your very last chance to play guess the baby. We will announce the winner on Wednesday.

Next week

We’re going on a bear hunt

Phonics: oi



Please could you make sure your child has a water bottle in school at all times. If the weather is warm they will also need a sun hat and suncream.

Key dates

Thursday 26th May- Great Garsington Bake Off

Friday 27th May- May day celebrations
Talk Homework

Over the weekend please have this family discussion- we will be discussing this as a class on Monday morning.

Describe your ideal day.