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FS Update 04.12.15

Foundation Stage Update 4th December 2015

Words of the week: manger, myrrh, frankincense and nativity 
Communication and Language
This week we have enjoyed learning to tell the Christmas story and we had lots of fantastic discussions about all the new words that we came across whilst reading the story. We now have lots of new words for our traffic lights and our words of the week. We will continue to look at the Christmas story in more detail next week. 

Personal, Social and Emotional development
We have continued to think about friendship this week and have all tried to demonstrate kindness and respect to others. We have also been thinking about our growth mind set and how we can continue to improve by not giving up. It is fantastic to see the children demonstrating a growth mind set and this is something that we will continue to build on throughout the year.

Physical development
Once again we have been busy rehearsing our Christmas nativity, perfecting our dancing and singing. We have continued to develop our fine motor skills through dough disco and connecting animals to make lines, bracelets and necklaces.

Our main focus this week has been writing invitations to our Christmas play, I do hope you received one from your child on Wednesday. It would be great if you could write them a reply and put it in our post-box for your child to receive at the end of the day. Thank you to everyone who has already done this, the children were given the choice of putting their letter in their learning journey or taking it home. In our phonics sessions we have been focusing on initial sounds in words and correctly identifying them.

This week we have been counting, recognising numbers on our advent calendar, counting animals in the twelve days of Christmas stories and comparing and ordering numbers.

Understanding the World
This week we have been learning about the Christmas story and Christianity. During our collective worship we have been exploring different parts of the Christmas story and thinking about how they link together. Next week we will be looking at the different ways Christmas is celebrated throughout the world.

Expressive art and design
We have been very busy creating our Christmas crafts this week. The children have decorated their own Christmas bauble which will be on sale at tomorrow’s craft fair. We have also been busy creating our head bands for the nativity.

Thank you to everyone for supporting our class assembly and cake sale. I hope you enjoyed watching the children and I am sure you will agree that they all did a great job of retelling the story. We have now put our jack and the beanstalk pictures on display in the shared area.

Yesterday we were lucky enough to join the rest of the school and watch the Jack and the Beanstalk pantomime. The children really enjoyed joining in with the actions and songs as well as watching the performance.

Class trip
 Just a reminder that everyone needs to return their permission slip and money for our trip. Please could you also let us know if you need school to provide your child with a packed lunch.

If anyone would be willing to come and talk to the children about how Christmas is celebrated in different countries or different Christmas traditions then that would be great. Please let me know if you can help.

We will be performing on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, make sure you have your tickets and we look forward to seeing you there.

Just a reminder that children can bring in a Christmas book to share with the class.

Next week
The Christmas story

Thank you for your continued support
Miss Honey
Talk homework

Over the weekend please discuss this as a family. We will spend time discussing it as a class on Monday. 

If you could have one wish what would it be and why?