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FS T2 Topic Web

In Term 2 the Foundation Stage will be exploring Celebrations



Positional language

One more and one less

Understanding t
he World 



Bonfire night 

Personal, Social and Emotional development 

Whole school values: Enthusiasm

Keeping safe. 

Anti bullying week. 

Communication and Language 

Story telling 

Developing our understanding of questions. 

Working with a partner. 

Developing vocabulary through talk homework and the wacky word wall. 


Set texts 

Firework poems 

Owl babies 

Have you filled a bucket today 

Christmas stories 

The Christmas story 


Writing letters 

Forming letters correctly. 

Writing lists 


We will continue to learn a new sound a day. When we have finished the set 1 speed sounds we will recap all these sounds. Please check the weekly newsletter for more information. 

Expressive art and design 

Firework art 

Christmas decorations 

Learning songs for the Christmas play 

Characteristics of effective learning 

Playing and Exploring 

Finding out and exploring 

Playing with what they know 

Being willing to ‘have a go’ 

Active Learning 

Being involved and concentrating 

Keeping on trying 

Enjoying achieving what they set out to do 

Creating and Thinking Critically 

Having your own ideas 

Making links 

Choosing ways to do things 

Physical development 

 Developing fine motor control to form letters correctly. 

Getting dressed and undressed for P.E independently.