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FS Update 06.11.2015

Term 2 Foundations Stage Newsletter

Dear Parents and Carers,

Firstly, I hope you all had an enjoyable break. Welcome to a busy but exciting term two, I am really looking forward to the exciting topics we have planned for this term. Along with this letter you will receive a copy of our plan for this term. Our topic this term is Celebrations, we will be learning about different celebrations like Diwali and Christmas. Our weekly newsletter will give you more of an insight into what we are doing each week and ways that you can support our learning. Below is some key information for this term, please continue to keep an eye on the weekly class newsletter for more information and news.


Our whole school values for this term are respect and remembrance.


This will continue to be sent home every Friday in your child’s homework folder and needs to be returned by the following Thursday. In addition to phonics homework we will be sending home a piece of talk homework every Friday. The purpose of ‘talk homework’ is to encourage the development of language and listening skills in order to develop children’s writing skills. This is not a piece of homework your child can do on their own!

Every week your child will be given a talk homework task to talk about. The task will be written on our weekly newsletter, a copy will be put in your child’s book bag and a copy will be displayed in the classroom. No writing is necessary.

To help your child get the most out of their talk homework, I suggest you do the following:

· Encourage as many family members as possible to be involved in talk homework

· Switch off the T.V! Try to ensure this is dedicated talking and listening time.

· When giving your opinion, try to use the ‘because’ word to explain why you think that.

· Encourage everyone involved to give their opinions and to use the ‘because’ word

The talk homework will be discussed in class the following Monday and it is hoped that every child will be able to contribute an idea or opinion as well as listen to others’ ideas.

I really hope that you will support us in our Talk homework by finding the short time needed to carry out this activity each week. I also hope that it will be a fun family activity that you will all find interesting. Please come and talk to me if you are unsure or have any questions.

Wacky word wall

The children are beginning to use our traffic light system for new words, please feel free to bring in any new words that your child has come across and we will put them on our traffic light.

Word of the week

Each week we will have a word of the week, this will be related to something that we are learning about or could be something that the children have chosen. This will be at the top of our weekly class newsletter and it would be great if you could talk to your child about our word of the week.


Please continue to support our phonics by bringing in objects for the sound table. Please keep an eye out for a letter about our phonics keyrings.


As the weather gets colder please make sure your child has the following items of clothing in school at all times:

· Wellies

· A warm, waterproof coat

· Scarf, hat and gloves

We will be going outside in all weathers so it is important that your child has the right clothing in school at all times, preferably named.

P.E. kits must be in school all week.

WOW leaves

These will continue to be sent home every month, all wow leaves on our tree will be shared on the last Friday of the month. You will then be sent home a new wow leaf for the next month. It would be great if all the children could have at least one wow before the end of this term.


We will be going on a trip to the Botanical Gardens on the morning of Tuesday 15th December. You will receive a letter with more information soon.


If you have written a message in your child’s home-school news book then please, either put it in the basket by the book bags, or give it to one of us in the morning. We will also communicate with you via your child’s news book, please remember to check it each day.


We will continue to work with our year three buddies every Thursday afternoon. Do ask your child to tell you about their buddy and the work that they are doing with them.

School dinners

Just to remind you that all children are entitled to free school meals.

Dates for your diary

Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th November-Parent meetings. These will be in the school hall.

Friday 13th November-Children in need

Week beginning 16th November-Anti bullying week.

Friday 27th November- Foundation Stage Sharing assembly at 2.35pm.

Wednesday 9th and Thursday 10th December-Christmas nativity

Tuesday 15th December-Class trip to the Botanical Gardens

Thank you for your continued support, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.
Rebecca Honey