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FS Update 18.12.15

Foundation Stage Update 18th December 2015

Words of the week: Christmas, tradition

Communication and Language
During our trip on Tuesday we had some great discussions about different plants and spices that were growing in the botanical gardens. The children were really engaged and had lots of fantastic ideas and questions. This week we have also been talking about the story of Christmas in more detail. Our big talk got us thinking about all the things that Father Christmas might do during the rest of the year, the children had some really great ideas. It is brilliant to hear the children using the word because when sharing their ideas.

Physical development
This week we have been working on our fine motor control, holding our pencils correctly so that we can form letters. During our Christmas party the children were also able to demonstrate their fantastic dance moves.

Personal, Social and Emotional development
This week we have been thinking about how we can be helpful both at home and in school. Towards the end of the week the children have been incredibly helpful, tidying up the classroom ready for the end of term. We have also been discussing ways that we can be helpful at home over the Christmas holidays. This could then form a WOW leaf for next term.

The children have been busy counting on and back from a number this week, recognising numbers and ordering them. This has helped with our counting how many sleeps until Santa visits. Over the holidays please help your child with their number recognition and counting.

This week we have been busy writing our Christmas cards and finishing our letters to Father Christmas. It is fantastic to see how far the children have come with their writing this term. Over the holidays please could you help your child with writing their name so that other people can read it. It would also help if you could continue to practise the phonics sounds, using the keyring.

Expressive art and design
We have been busy decorating our Christmas cards this week. Each one is truly unique and your child will be bringing their card home today. Towards the end of the week we have really enjoyed making reindeer food, which we are sending home today.

Understanding the World
The children have been talking about their own family traditions at Christmas and the different ways that they celebrate it. At the Botanical gardens we explored the different plants associated with Christmas.

Class trip
We had a fantastic morning at the Botanical gardens on Tuesday, the children were fantastic and demonstrated positive behaviour. The children enjoyed learning about different spices that could be found in the rainforest, we had to look for them and then think about the different Christmas foods that they are used in. A big thank you to Deb and Stacey, Ed and Sebastian’s Mums who came to help.

Christmas party
We joined year 1 and 2 for a fantastic Christmas party on Wednesday afternoon. The children enjoyed playing games, dancing and even had a special visit from Father Christmas.

Thank you for all your support this term. The children have all worked incredibly hard and are definitely ready for a break. I hope you all have an enjoyable Christmas break and I look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday 5th January.
Rebecca Honey