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Cycling Training

Cycling training is promoted by the school annually and designed to help children aged nine and over to develop the skills needed to cycle in moving traffic. We offer cycling proficiency training to pupils in Year 5 and Year 6.

Where does the training take place?
Cycle training takes place in the school grounds and on the roads in the immediate vicinity. Each course takes 6 hours and is spread over several sessions. 

Who does the training?
Volunteer tutors, who have been trained by qualified staff, will run the courses.

What will pupils learn?
The training starts off-road, probably on a school playground, to make sure the child has good control of their bike. The on-road sessions deal with starting, stopping, left and right turns and overtaking a vehicle. Your child will also study the Highway Code (see on the right).

What is the cycling test?
The test is in two parts. Firstly, a Highway Code test usually done by the volunteers. The second part is the road test, to demonstrate that the child can start, stop, and do the left and right turns safely in traffic. This is done by the county's examiners.

How much does it cost?
The training is free of charge to both the school and the child. It is funded by Oxfordshire County Council's road safety budget. This is made possible by our instructors giving their services free of charge.

What equipment is needed?
A cycle in good roadworthy condition (see the Bike Checks document on the right), which is legal for on-road training, and of the correct size for the child. A correctly fitted cycle helmet (see advice on right) is also required, which must be worn during training.

Cycling Training documents