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Spy Day

Spy Day 2017 - Thursday 5th October.

To link with their topic of World War 2 Year 5 got dressed up as super spys and set about studying how to crack codes. They looked at codes such as cipher and pigpen codes, which code breakers studied at Bletchley Park. They studied Alan Turing, considered the father of computing, and examined his role in helping the war effort. Our Year 5 spies also looked at elements of the computing curriculum such as binary. For the whole day, they were, of course, in disguise!

In WW1 Girl Guides worked as spies!   
Breaking and writing code

The children also researched the work that spies did in World War 1.  


Binary Code

The children also learnt how computers use binary to process information and they learnt how to use binary.


Spies in World War 1 used cryptography - making and breaking codes - so Years 5 and 6 worked on cracking codes.  

They also looked at how computers use encryption and decryption to keep information secret.