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Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival 2016

On Friday 30th September pupils, staff and parents celebrated Harvest Festival. Foundation Stage & Key Stage 1 pupils celebrated with a service in the school hall at 1.30pm. Key Stage 2 pupils, staff and parents walked through the village to take part in a service at 2.15pm at St Mary's Church led by Headteacher Zara d'Archambaud and Vicar Emma Pennington.

The centrepiece of this year's festival was the wonderful Harvest Loaf made from wheat grown by our Year 2 pupils (with the help of botanist Dr Sarah Bearchell). Once grown the pupils also harvested and threshed the wheat and then using the flour as a class group baked the loaf. 

The loaf was presented to Reverend Pennington by Year 2 representatives and placed on the altar.

Harvest Festival ~ Programme of Service

Welcome by Ms d’Archambaud

Year 6 - What is Harvest? 
Year 5 - Harvest Poems 
Hymn: ‘Harvest Hymn’ 
Year 4 - Harvest Poems 
Year 2 - Harvest Bread 
Hymn: ‘Harvest Samba’ 
Year 3 - Prayers 
Blessing By Emma Pennington


Thank you for your donations

Thanks to all staff parents and pupils for their donations of produce towards the harvest celebrations. This year's donations were passed on to the Oxford Food Bank who were very grateful especially for the fresh and homegrown fruit and veg.