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Art Week 2018

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This year's Art week runs from 25-30th June.
Our theme is People and Portraits.

We are really excited that local artist Alex Singleton will be working with the children to kick off the production of their own self portraits.

Mrs Flannery with be working alongside class teachers to help pupils finanlise their works for a grand exhibition on Friday 29th June after school and as part of the Summer Fair on Saturday 30th June.

Come along to the expo and play Guess Who? Can you guess the member of staff from their childhood photograph?

Do you recognise these famous portraits and self portraits?

        Frieda Karlo                                    Amedeo Mogdiliani


        Jan van Eyck                                                        Gustav Klimt


                Picasso                                                    Leonardo da Vinci

             Vincent van Gogh
Visiting Artist - Alex Singleton

Alex Singleton is a painter who studied Illustration at Saint Martins in 1994. He currently specialises in small paintings of Italy which are a reflection of memories from being brought up near Rome when he was a child .

He spent three years living in Australia and was interested in Aboriginal Culture in a modern context and produced a series of drawings and paintings on the subject. In Sydney he showed his work at the James Harvey Gallery, 1+2 Artist studios group show in Roselle and the Macleay Museum. He also obtained a second post graduate degree at Sydney University in Art History.

When returning to Britain he concentrated on still lifes and Abstraction and developed a series of works which he exhibited in Oxford and London. His most rewarding experience was showing at the Royal Academy show in 2006, and the Not the Royal Academy Show at the Llewellyn Alexander Galley in 2007/2008. Alex is a qualified teacher and taught Art and Design at Oxford and Cherwell Valley college for two years, he now teaches children with Autism at Lord Williams Upper School.

Last year Alex worked at Bridewell Space in Bristol on a series of works inspired by street art and the nearby coast of Weston-Super-Mare. He worked with a group of other Artists from Malta and curated a show called Monolith at Hamilton House in Stoke Croft.

Recently Alex showed in Whitechapel through Art Café London. He will be working with Aggie Delikowska showing at craft fairs and will be having more stores at the Wolvercote farmers market on Sundays.