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Pupil Premium 2014-15

2014-15 Pupil Premium spending

In 2014-15 we received a total Pupil and Service Children Premium of £43,800 (5.4% of our overall government funding). Below is a summary of the way we used this funding to support a variety of vulnerable learners within the school.  






Fresh Start Literacy Programme



(staffing & resources)


Accelerate learning for targeted pupils in KS2 with poor retrieval skills in Reading and difficulty in formulating sentences in Writing.

 Progress of targeted pupils:

 Met national expectations in ReadingBetter than expected progress since KS1 in Reading  Met national expectations in WritingBetter than expected progress since KS1 in Writing
 Year 6 
(7 pupils)



Year 5
(6 pupils) 




 Year 4 
(2 pupils)



Year 3 
(7 pupils) 




Year 2
(2 pupils) 





 Senior teacher to run dedicated core Literacy and Maths sessions 
(6 hours per week)

(staffing & resources)

 Provision of daily focused group work to improve pupils' Reading, Writing and Maths skills and ensure expected levels of progress are made.

   71% of pupils made expected progress in Maths 
and 29% better than expected progress. 

  43% of pupils made expected progress in Reading; 
71% made better than expected progress. 

14% of pupils made expected progress in Writing; 
29% made better than expected progress.

 One-to-one and small group tuition in Reading, Writing and Maths


(staffing & resources)

Provision of individual targeted support in Reading, Writing and Maths.

See progress above for Years 3, 4 and 5 pupils.

First Class at Number programme



  (staffing & resources)


 Delivery of First Class at Number Maths programme to accelerate learning for targeted pupils.


 All pupils met national expectations in Maths


Pastoral Care



Ensure inclusion and access to extra-curricular activities and residential trips for all pupils.


Expansion of opportunities for disadvantaged pupils - confidence building, improved behaviour and social skills.


Independent learning & ICT- wireless system upgrade




Allow all pupils regular classroom based access to the internet and web-based core teaching programmes


Those pupils without internet access at home have regular reliable access and exposure to web resources.

Pupils able to use laptops and wireless during lessons and after school, at break and at lunchtimes. 

Tablet provision per class


Provide tablets for all SEN/FSM pupils to use in class.


Increased engagement for SEN learners. Successful reward mechanism for learners with behaviour issues.

Maths Whizz


Provision of a web-based Maths programme for all learners to access at home or at school.


New programme and resources has allowed TAs and Teachers to work with small, differentiated groups across year groups online – and to allow pupils to work at home at their own pace. Seen greater confidence in Maths and accelerated learning.

Read, Write, Inc. Literacy Programme


Provision of a new literacy programme school wide.

New programme and resources has allowed TAs and Teachers to work with small, differentiated groups across year groups to build confidence in writing and promote accelerated learning.

Behaviour Support


Provision of a year round ‘Bridges’ support worker and art therapy.



Pupil at risk of exclusion engaging fully with school with significant improvements in behaviour, social skills and attainment.

Staff Training


Continuing CPD for all staff.

Staff more confident, well trained and clear as to how to improve learning and pastoral care for vulnerable pupils.

SENCo Administrator


Free up SENCO to concentrate on teaching and learning.

Improved SENCO provision throughout the school.